Crimewire: Black Woman Spotted in Normal Neighborhood; No Arrests Yet Made


From Disassociated Press

The town of Powell, Ohio was rocked last night when 27-year old Desiree Whitman, a woman of “African-American” descent, was spotted entering an affluent, predominantly white neighborhood, where productive Americans retire after shifts spent managing lazy workers at the factory, and where children with loving, opposite-sex parents rest after hardworking days at school.

“I don’t know, I just looked out my window,” says 50-year old Margaret Lawson. “There she was, skulking around with a gas container like she was going to burn down the place. She had one of those Obamaphones, I’m pretty sure. I called my daughter, her family lives up the street, I just wanted to make sure they are okay.”

Authorities are asking anyone with information to step forward. “We understand there may be some concerns out there in the public, right now,” said Delaware County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Ronald Grayson, while diligently extracting nose goblins from his mustache. “It’s not every day this kind of thing happens, so please just understand that we’re doing the best we can to assess things as they come, and take the next steps to resolve this situation.”

One concerned resident, who asked not to be identified, took the opportunity to make a call for legal changes in the state of Ohio. “I just want everyone to ask yourself, isn’t this what they have those Stand Your Ground laws for, over in Florida or Texas or whatever? Why are those states light-years ahead of us on this thing? Ever hear of race riots? Yeah, I thought so. A lot of them were Obama voters with gas cans, too. Kind of makes you wonder.”

Read more about CNW’s upcoming ongoing investigative reports series, “BLACK CRIME: THE HIDDEN MASSACRE OF AMERICA’S HEART.” CNW has a no-tolerance policy for media bias, and as such, will continue to report on the hidden epidemic of BLACK CRIME, too politically incorrect to say–but too dangerous not to speak about.


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