Source: FDA to Regulate Grass and Lawns for Nutrition

The Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition spokesman Tom Hyrim denied allegations today that the FDA is seeking to regulate and force homeowners to label the nutritional content of grass.

In a phone interview with CNW today, Hyrim said that, “in no uncertain terms is it a certain thing going forward, specifically toward these vague proposals that grass, as it comprises a significant source of nutrition for children, and sometimes family pets such as dogs and cats…what was the question?”

But, Conservative Newswire has spoken with another source, who wished not to be identified, who argued otherwise. “It’s true,” the source said. “Commissioner Hamburg, in a closed meeting with the CFSAN/FDA bigwigs, was pushing an action plan for grass and lawn nutrition regulation. She cited some study saying grass and dirt make up 8% of children’s diets. So yes, she definitely wants something done.”

Another piece of the puzzle is a cryptic tweet sent out by FDA Office of the Center Director’s Vice Deputy Director’s liason, Lawrence B. Lawrence:


Asked to react to the allegations when we contacted National Tea Party Express Patriots, lead organizer Tony Bushmaster said that he would be, “protesting that the government stay off our goddamn lawns. It’s just another gun-grabbing expedition by the same administration that created Obamasama-Care. First they came for our lawns…you know the rest. This is the socialist America the libtards voted for.”


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