Op-ed: Forget Discrimination, it’s Time to End Education

Guest post by Maggie Applepie


There is an awakening happening today in America. There is no denying the disastrous rollout of Obamakill. Men and women are speaking out as our religious freedoms are under attack, from the schools to the military, by shadowy groups like the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. We are pushing back against liberal plots whose actors include the NSA, TSA, and GTA. (A “video game” packed with murder and mayhem, NOT suitable for children!)

Passionate, well-spoken minorities like Dr. Ben Carson and Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) are joining with ordinary Patriots like you and I to defend this Christian Nation. Today, I invite you all to take one step further. You will say I am radical. You will say I’m out of my mind. But, remember one thing above all—I am a scholar and a servant of OUR LORD, Jesus Christ.

We must end education in America.

Not just the government-run type, either. I’m talking about charter schools, homeschooling, the whole nine yards.

If you will recall, there is a certain little book written some two-thousand years ago, which tells us an origin story. It was a story about a man, a woman, God, and a garden. I’m talking Original Sin.

The descent into sin was motivated by one thing—curiosity, the thirst for knowledge either good or evil. And the forbidden act? To eat fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

I’ll let that sink in, for a moment.

Not only was the sin God forbade us to partake in a literal and symbolic proxy for Knowledge, but it was the thirst for Knowledge—the desire to educate ourselves—which brought upon us a curse from God Himself. The careless actions of one woman brought humanity literally to our knees, and precipitated the sacrifice God made for us when He gave himself, in earthly form as His only Son, as the ultimate sacrifice. Sacrifice.

We are witnessing the End of America–literally, figuratively, Biblically, economically, and morally. And, if we are to truly exalt OUR LORD, we too must sacrifice.

When you reply to my proposition that we end all education, you will protest, “But, madam! How will we counter the Enemy? How can we save this nation from the Kenyan-Muslim-Atheist Marxist/Progressive/Socialist president,  not to mention the all-out Anarchists who support him? We need to have their tools, their knowledge if we ever want to make a difference!”

But, it is not our place, I would reply, to question the will of God—this nation is doomed, with the Anti-Christ in full bloom as our very own President. The signs are all there. We are beyond the point that merely joining the Enemy in their constructs is enough.

Jesus did not need a liberal arts degree to change the world through His sacrifice. Moses did not submit to the indoctrination of Marxist Muslim professors, or feel the need to study eight years for his lesbian Feminist-Rights Women’s Studies degree. Did Noah need to be raised in a school system where it is illegal to pray in public, or be a white, straight male? Did he need to explore Black Liberation Theology Studies in order to masterfully construct the only device known to man to have boarded at least two of every animal on Earth?

So why would we put our own children in that position?

What about homeschooling, you ask? Well, that’s just it. Homeschooling is education. And,  I oppose more than just homeschooling. I oppose libraries, books, magazines, texting and blog writing. The only reason I’m here to tell you this is because someone has go to stop education.

So now that I have you convinced, spread the word. Share this post. Then put your computer in the garbage, and burn your books. Get your kids out of the commie schools. Because the day will soon come when all of these things will cease, and those who were True will be by His side.

And all the others will perish.


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