Grassroots Organization ‘Walmart’ in a Political Fight for Your Freedoms

Really White Family Standing in front of Walmart with shopping cart

You may have shopped at their stores or used their brilliant online sales marketplace to make purchases, but did you know that Walmart is also fighting for your freedom and security?

The company, founded by everyman Sam Walton in the quaint town of Rogers, Arkansas, got its start in 1962. Since exploding onto the NYSE as a public company in 1970, Walmart has been the quiet, but implacable, voice of the people.

Since 2003, Walmart has used its grassroots, small business-friendly clout to shape the political scene, providing tax theft-free contributions totaling no less than 12.7 million dollars. No business has a reputation for treating employees and local economies so well, but their sacrifices to the political essence of America are an anthem unsung.

Take, for instance, Walmart’s $500,000 contribution to CALIFORNIANS AGAINST GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTHCARE, another grassroots organization funded by the California Chamber of Commerce. Walmart is a savvy political animal, which knows how to align itself with a pious cause. The CA Chamber of Commerce’s battle to protect Californians from themselves, in an effort to protect thousands of Americans from entering the private health insurance marketplace, is not just morally righteous—it’s downright clever.

In fact, if you look closely at Walmart’s Patriot Expenditure Activities (PEAs), you’ll notice a pattern. Walmart isn’t content to just sit on the sidelines and make enormous national contributions. From the self-employed Joe the Plumbers to the small business-running Donald Trumps, Walmart wants to be involved in representing us, all the way down to the local level.

Walmart’s PEAs never stay in the same pod, either. In the interest of fairness and balance, and to be sure that the screaming Liberal Media harpies don’t lose the tingles up their legs, Walmart donates to Democrats, too. For example, in 2012 they donated 35,000 capitalist units to the Arkansas Democratic Party, which really confuses the Marxists—another genius move by Walmart.

So, from the composition notebook you need to take notes at your next Bible study, to the computer you need to watch your Breaking Bad DVDs, next time you want to shop, choose Walmart: the grassroots political actor that cares enough to make you cry—and always for the right price.


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