Meet the Next Special Interest Group Demanding Welfare: CHILDREN

children's hands grouped together

Get ready for the next slew of takers, free-riders and welfare queens.

They behave with a sense of entitlement, expecting food, clothing, shelter—even medicine—to be treated as fundamental rights.

At a time when tens of millions of shiftless Americans are already taking food out of the mouths of hardworking corporate men (and women) via welfare fraud and tax theft, a new special interest group is rearing its ugly head. Only this time, they’re playing for keeps.

The mainstream media, of course, is burying its head, and the lead, in the sand. According to this story on famed guerilla Marxist journomilitia CNN, child birth rates in the U.S. are at an all-time low.

Well, how convenient for them.

Note what they don’t tell you in the story: for every 1,000 women alive in the country, 63 children (who will undoubtedly be demanding 18 years of welfare, an education and more entitlements) will be born. You read that right. That translates to some 150,000 children being born every second—slothful creatures who will demand something in return for nothing, with nary a sign of understanding the Conservative concepts of self-responsibility and hard work. The Institute for Conservative Research and Facts (ICRF) estimates that children will be a group of even larger people in, at most, 18 years.

The crisis is clear: with millions of illegal aliens pouring over our border every five minutes, Democrats as minority slavemasters on the liberal plantation, and the decline of white Christian American manhood, can we really afford another welfare coup of our economy? How many billions will we spend on letting them run roughshod right over Red Rover? It’s time for good sense to come over.

We must secure our nation from the takers, and create a future where there are only makers. “We have to stop coddling children and start expecting them to pave their own way, and that’s gonna take tough love,” says ICRF’s Dr. Keith Bobo. “No breastfeeding until the baby contributes to the household. No financial aid for potty training. You’re gonna have to get a job and pitch in, like everyone else. You want that fever to go down? You’re going to have to work for it.”

CNW couldn’t agree more. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions, and if the Marxists want to use “well-being” as an excuse to spread entitlement mentality to our children through Socialist government agencies like Child Protective Services or the local police, we’re going to have to fight back—at home, in the Leninist government schools, in the courts and on the streets.

Stay tuned to CNW for more updates on the WELFARE STATE OF THE NATION.


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