‘Holocaust’: Millions Being Forced to Purchase Better Private Health Coverage

lenin and communist flag

Thanks, Obama!

In what is being described by some as the most stomach-churning attack on capitalism in history, millions of Americans are being forced by Obamacare to pay private companies for health care coverage which is superior to their previous, dirt-cheap bare bones plan.

The ramifications are clear: as the health care market adjusts to implementation of the Affordable Care Act, and more and more people enter the health insurance market, not only will insurance itself become more available to self-entitled working class people, but the overall costs associated with health care in the U.S. may go down. As the nation becomes healthier, less money will be spent on health woes, and more money will be spent elsewhere in the economy.

This redistribution of wealth away from some companies is like economic genocide, says one insurance company’s CEO. “How am I supposed to charge a few hundred bucks a month in premiums in exchange for coverage of emergency room visits and pretty much nothing else, when all that is being made illegal?” says Birken Stockman, Chief Executive Officer of Health United Healing Solutions, an insurance company operating out of Berkley, California. “As the cost of better insurance goes down, we’re going to see an influx of workers into the economy, and they’re going to be healthier and have more money in their pockets. That means they’re going to abandon traditional health insurance in lieu of better deals. It’s not fair. It leaves economy insurers like us in the dust.”

But, that’s not the only problem. Stockman foresees a time when even the homeless might afford coverage through subsidies. “Imagine if we slashed healthcare spending so much that insurance was basically a negligible commodity—as affordable as twenty or thirty bucks a month. So some homeless veteran, who never owned a company a day in his life, can go get a voucher from one of those communist community centers that always brags about handing stuff out to homeless people. Next thing you know, they’ll have jobs and be moving in next door to you. Imagine the smell.”

This also means that more minorities might have access to healthcare as well. “Of course Obamacare results in special rights for minorities,” our own Constitutional expert and legal analyst, Rand Williams, says. “If there’s anything the liberals want, it’s the endgame—and that is the end of White America.”

The healthcare holocaust has only just begun. Experts say that, just like the insidious Social Security Act, the Obamacare law could become more popular over time, as the kinks (and outright disasters such as the brand new Obamacare website having glitches) are worked out of the system. If effectively implemented, no Republican President will be able to lead Congress into repealing the law, regardless of which party is in the legislative majority.

We as a country must begin a new dialogue, and ask ourselves the tough questions: can we really afford to let poor people elbow their way into our neighborhoods and our workplaces? Can America survive the millions who will die from better healthcare access? And finally, do we really want to hand toilet paper to the person in the stall next to us, or just pretend we don’t hear them because that’s really awkward and we’re trying to type an article?


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