18-Year Olds Discovered Purchasing Cigarettes—Is Kendall Jenner’s Influence Spreading?

kendall jenner, jezebel and heathen

via One Billion Mothers

The sickness of Leftist culture is spreading through the veins of America, but when exposed to the light of oxygen, all blue blood becomes red.

Recently, celebrity feminist and newcomer porn star Kendall Jenner pushed her way into the news[NSFW] when, mere weeks after turning 18, she posed in pornographic pictures revealing her br*asts and ni*ples. Mothers everywhere are concerned about the type of behavior that exposure of a young girl’s body could lead to, especially given that Kendall Jenner has barely escaped her mother’s womb. To make matters worse, Jenner is female—which, as all Christians and especially conservatives know, is an inherently sexual body type. Any liberal with two brain cells to rub together knows that this is why men are allowed shirtlessness and women are not. Yet, an alarming trend is emerging—children less than twenty years old are exposing themselves, poisoning their bodies, and falling into sinful lifestyles.

Consider Martha Wholesome, who caught her son, Charles, purchasing a pack of cigarettes shortly after his eighteenth birthday. “I was shocked,” Mrs Wholesome told One Billion Mothers in an interview by email. “There are many things you’re prepared for as a parent, but you never expect something like this from a child. People like Kendall Jenner, who are being allowed by their parents to behave this way, are paving the way for the spiritual death of our babies.”

Cigarettes and pornography aren’t the only thing the government and media are encouraging children to partake in. Abortion, art school, and even s*x are on the list of legal activities supported by the Democrat-controlled government, bankrolled by powerful Hollywood interests that think they know what’s best for our kids!

The only language the corrupt culture of American liberalism understands is power, and we have the power of a billion mothers to back us up. Contact your legislators and demand their support for laws prohibiting pornography, illicit substances and s*x outside of marriage!

One Billion Mothers invites you to check out our sister organization, One Million Moms. They are the media watchdogs keeping our innocent, lilywhite children safe from the pornographic clutches of mainstream secular culture!


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