Black Mobs Terrorize US with the ‘Knockout Game’ Successor: Decapitation Game

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Racial violence is back. Along with widespread racial crime – even riots. In hundreds of episodes in more than 80 cities since 2010, groups of black people have been roaming the streets of America – assaulting, intimidating, stalking, threatening, vandalizing, stealing, shooting, stabbing, even raping and killing. In cities big and small. In ways expected and unexpected. But local media and public officials are silent.–Product Description, “White Girl Bleed a Lot”

While the Leftist-Industrial Media Complex is engaged in a full-fledged attempt to sweep the “knockout game” under the rug, urban youth have already grown bored with non-fatal attacks on whites. Instead, a new pattern of disorganized violence called the “decapitation game” is #trending.

The most important work on exposing the anti-white violence brewing in America has been done by WorldNetDaily. In an exclusive article, Colin Faherty, author of “White Girl Bleed a Lot”, demonstrates how he and the readers of WND single-handedly exposed this epidemic of black mob violence. By using a strict investigative method which harnesses the power of anecdotal evidence, Worldstar HipHop and Youtube, conservative folk have turned the tables on multicultural America. It is no longer possible for liberals to claim that these incidents are isolated, blown out of proportion, or the product of an alienated youth living under the iron fist of a dysfunctional economic system, with those who are born into the least wealth unable to gain upward socioeconomic mobility and, as a result, lashing out to express hopelessness, anger and boredom.

No, that ship has sailed, Leftist America.

And while the media keeps you distracted with the debate over the “knockout game”, the “decapitation game” has gone almost entirely unnoticed. As with all multiculturalism, people are afraid to confront the darker strains of human behavior when it can be traced back to race. Most people might tell you there is no such thing as the “decapitation game.” Head, meet sand.

Just try that approach with MuslimS1asher420, who has withheld his name for fear of retaliation for speaking out. “At least two people walking along the bike trail here in Camden, NJ have been victims,” he said in a Youtube comment. “The decapitation game is open racialism. America is no longer safe for White people, we need to rise up and fight back.”

“Mr Farkness, last Saturday this happened to a school teacher walking to work in the early AM,” one person emailed me. “There is a mass grave of heads half a mile off the walking trail, all white. Police won’t do a thing. We need brave men like yourself to go up against the liberal media narrative. Thank you for your heroic acts of REAL journalism.”

With all this evidence stacked up against the media narrative, there is no doubt in my mind that Colin Faherty’s work exposing BLACK CRIME will be not only perennial, but regarded by history as the most important racial commentary of our time.

When the black community decides to acknowledge its issues, such as fatherlessness, black-on-white violence, and reverse racism, the rest of the nation may not be patiently waiting at the table. Indeed, America has become wise to the tune of blacks and their Marxist-liberal allies. This is not to say that all black people are like this—there are some who can hold a job, be bothered to mow their lawn, and feed their kids—but those few who are proper members of society should step up to the plate and start taking responsibility for the crimes being perpetrated by their kin.

Until that day comes, Conservative Newswire will be here to give voice to the voiceless, sense to the senseless, and head to the headless.

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4 thoughts on “Black Mobs Terrorize US with the ‘Knockout Game’ Successor: Decapitation Game

  1. Mr. Glock, meet Mr. Racist Thug!! Better hit me up right or you’re gonna dance to the tune of a .45. Don’t believe me? Give it a try!!!

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