US Government NOT Allowed to Force Christian Prayer on Students–Feminism to Blame?

George Nathaniel

George Nathaniel might as well have been murdered for practicing Christianity

In an Orwellian affirmation of an anti-Christian policy that has disenfranchised millions of Christians across the US, the government has decided to purge employees who help children say prayers. As Jesus Himself once professed, “Who examines the doctors?”

Meet George Nathaniel, a pastor for the Elite Church of the First Born and Grace Missionary Baptist Church. Nathaniel was a bus driver for the Burnsville school district, until he was recently fired for openly practicing Christianity in front of schoolchildren, and, as an afterthought, allowing them to participate in prayers.

“I let them know I am a pastor and I am going to pray,” Nathaniel said, according to “To fire a bus driver for praying for the safety of the children is not right.”

When it was discovered that Nathaniel was leading prayers for the duration of the kids’ trip to school, Nathaniel pulled into the superintendent’s office and fired him, a punishment usually imposed by Muslims on apostates. “We got to get Christians to be able to be Christians and not have to be closet Christians*,” said Nathaniel, his wife and children hugging him and weeping silently as they applied a salve to his still-open emotional wounds.

According to Teresa Nelson, a representative of anti-Christian hate group the American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota, being Christian while driving a public school bus is unacceptable. “His conduct was particularly troubling because students on a school bus are a captive audience. Students who did not wish to participate in the prayer would undoubtedly feel pressure to participate in that setting,” Nelson said to The Christian Post, between forkfuls of savory baby flesh sautéed to perfection in kitten fat.

The accusation that Nathaniel “held captive” the children is absolute slander, says our friend Brian Fister of the American Theocracy Association. “The homosexuals are allowed to force children to form ‘Gay’-Straight Alliances, but if you are a Christian and want to share the Gospel, you will be denied that right. George Nathaniel’s firing is just plain anti-Christian discrimination.”

It has been 50 years since being Christian and a schoolteacher at the same time was made illegal. The US Constitution, a document practically plagiarized from the Bible and proven to be inspired by Christ Himself, is commonly misinterpreted to say that there is a separation between “church and state.” But, scholars of history will readily admit that the distinction between Christianity and government did not exist at the time of the Founding Fathers, and that readings of the Constitution claiming otherwise were invented by feminist scholars and activists.

“Feminism introduced the un-Biblical premise of women being allowed into public places, to teach our children wicked things,” added Brian Fister during our phone discussion. “The lynchpin of this Brave New World Order—from the religion of Science to the cult of Marxist-liberalism—is female involvement in politics and education. Feminization brought us the ‘gay’ agenda, it brought us Keynesian economics, it brought us Ted Kaczynski. You take away that lynchpin—remove women from the vote, get feminism out of education—you bring that whole thing right down.It’s even in the Bible; a woman’s place is by the side of her husband, not above him. Especially not ‘reverse-cowgirl,’ whatever that means.”

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*actual quote


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