Rough Week for Liberals: Evolution and Climate Change Disproved

Guest post by Brian Fister, American Theocracy Association

It’s a tough time to be liberal in America. A majority of likely voters disapprove of Barack Hussein Obama’s performance in the White House, with a Presidential Approval Index rating of -22. The Reclaim America rally in DC, hosted by respected neo-American Revolutionary Larry Klayman, was a resounding success with over one hundred attendees sprawling across the city, sparking nationwide calls for the resignation of the President. And, esteemed fellow conservative John Hawkins beat the dead horse of liberalism into its anti-choice grave, eviscerating the enemies of God in this salient, exceedingly cogent essay.

And even more compelling, multiple death blows were dealt this week to the twin secular gods of Environment and Evolution, which were torn from their thrones, stabbed in the chest repeatedly, decapitated and then impaled on a pike outside the city gates. There’s no other way to put it: this is Biblical stuff, folks.

DNA1. Darwin Disproved

Scientists have discovered a neo-Darwinist’s nightmare: a supposedly 400,000-year old corpse which they claim will reshape our “understanding” of evolution through new DNA evidence. But, that’s just the problem with science—it can never be consistent because, unlike the Bible and its followers, it has no impermeable foundation upon which to inform its worldviews. Whereas science is subject to tampering by new information being added to the body of work, the Bible is not just a healthy body—it’s Superman’s body, the essence of strong, masculine Godliness impenetrable by the sinful, lusty tendencies of the physical world. For, when in his heart a man has known God, he has grasped the truth of the world, and there is no greater truth that the infinitude of God’s love. Only a fool could deny that.

Flood2. Global Warming Disproved

Perhaps even worse for Big Liberalism and the Klimate Kontrol Police, scientists have published new findings which are causing quite the hullabaloo amongst Big Science circles. The new study shows that extreme weather, previously blamed on global warming, may actually instead be a result of Arctic ice melting. This completely natural phenomenon has occurred repeatedly throughout the 6,000 year history of the world, and as such should come as no surprise to your average Bible-savvy creationist. After all, the Earth is the domain of God, tended through the stewardship of humanity. God is mighty, and it is incredibly narcissistic of any human to believe that we, as small as we are in the shadow of the King, could ever do anything to affect—for better or for worse—the way that the natural world operates.

It is truly stunning to consider the hubris of secular humanism, which suggests that humans are the center of all living things, and so powerful as to be able to shape that which is vastly greater than we will ever be.

These tragedies for the liberal worldview are only bolstered by the recent discovery of massive reserves of freshwater beneath the oceans, doing away with the notion that water conservation is an imminent concern. Everyone remembers the old childhood jape, “Save some for the whales!” As ridiculous as it is for anyone to believe that we’ll ever run out of water (despite water comprising most of the Earth’s surface), children are not the only victims of neo-Darwinist secular propaganda. Low-information, Democrat-voting rubes lap up these false truisms like freshly-found freshwater on a dry, dystopian desert island.

But, times are a-changing, and fast. With the latest bad news for the fascist-secularist agenda, and with real Americans across the country looking to God, and not man, for their foundation in morality and reason, liberalism fast approaches total cascade failure. As we have seen this week, two of the previously-held, fundamental dogmas of liberalism have taken a fatal blow, but you’re not going to read about this in the Big Leftie establishment media. Instead, look to organizations like the American Theocracy Association and Conservative Newswire to keep the Scientifically Correct on their toes and accountable to We the People.

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