Boycott Netflix and Watch Obama’s House of Cards Fall

Revelations about Obama’s primary inspiration for his campaign of mass murder and tyranny prove a double-edged sword—and now you can fight back

As noted by respected journalist Joseph Farah, the Kenyan Usurper of American Freedoms Barack Hussein Obama, Keeper of the Gates of Darkness & Unholy Angel of the Socio-Communist Deceptors Decaying the Great Whiteness & Loving Anglo-Saxon Lineage Which is the Foundation of All Things American, Godly and True, said at a meeting with technology CEOs that his political inspiration is Rep. Frank Underwood. Underwood is a vicious, if fairly representative, liberal character on Netflix’s original show House of Cards.

Understand this: Big Leftie Media will twist and squirm to paint his words as harmless, or even a joke. But, we’re not laughing.

Our country is full-up with immorality—from illegal immigrants and abortion, to unemployment benefits and minimum wage. We have enough Frank Underwoods and Edward Snowdens to disseminate a lifetime of Marxist agitprop without blinking an eye. Obama is targeting our kids, teens and young adults with the message that not only are immorality and sin acceptable, but the only way of “getting stuff done.”

It’s time to send a message to liberal media outlets like Netflix: you can’t teach our children socialism and sin without paying the price. Some would suggest that we merely boycott the show, House of Cards. But, we at Conservative Newswire know that the only way to strike the fear of a loving God into the heart of the Godless is to hit them where it hurts—not just to chip at their bottom line, but to blow them out of the water, entirely.

Success could mean many things for the conservative movement: Netflix crumbling could set the stage for a Christian version of the popular online service to take its place. It will send a message, loud as a shotgun blast, to other online services companies that they must respect the will of the American people. It could even result in a transformation of the entire culture of the internet, but without your help—without your signature on the petition—righteous believers and sinners alike will go forth and prop up the status quo.

So, dear reader, sign the petition, which can be found below. Stand with CNW and let Obama, Netflix, and the whole world know that real Americans are not a small bloc to be trifled with, but the great lion of God, to be feared!

Click here to sign the petition and secure a future for our lily-white babies!


4 thoughts on “Boycott Netflix and Watch Obama’s House of Cards Fall

  1. The gay and lesbian category was the end for me, A customer for four years but no more. Sin belongs in the closet not in a parade or on my tv.,

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