About CNW

Conservative Newswire and flags

Rooting out Marxist traitors, wherever they hide!

Here is the satire you were looking for!


Michael Farkness: Proprietor and Editor-in-Chief

Bob Gobblers: Deputy Editor and News Contributor

Rand Williams: News Contributor, CNW Resident Legal Analyst

Zafeer Hamidi: Columnist and News Contributor, Former Muslim Brotherhood Operative

We’re sure you’ve noticed that Conservative Newswire is entirely fictional satire and meant only for entertainment purposes. It is meant to be untrue, and is therefore untrue. Entirely.


Conservative news satire | Satire of conservative news


4 thoughts on “About CNW

  1. Finally!! Am thanking Jesus right this very second that y’all are battling the mass persecution that we True Conservativesā„¢ suffer every day. Other than the 97 million Conservative blogs and news aggregators I just found while searching for your RSS feed, and the Fox media conglomerate and Christian TV stations and AM radio and FM radio and XM radio and YouTube and books and magazines and DVDs and the 33,000 tax-exempt Christian denominations and their thousands of affiliated tax-exempt colleges, private schools and home schools preaching conservatism from birth to death and Hobby Lobby and the Tea Party-majority in nearly every legislature across this great land owned by a couple of Kochs, we are completely totally brutally oppressed, amen!!

  2. Hi guys, what a find! Better than The Onion, even more satirical than Steven Colbert! I would like to feature you on my blog. Would you be willing to write something about who you are, how and why you started this blog, what kind of reactions you’ve had so far and anything else you’d like to add? In whatever style you want.
    Barbara, Resident Alien

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