Our Inspiration

As the silent majority of the American political landscape, conservatives and right-leaning folk of all stripes have few options to choose from in the Big Leftie-dominated world of mainstream news. Our inspiration as phony professional reporters and columnists comes from the heroic efforts of those who are willing to put their lives on the line to bring you news from a conservative viewpoint, even in a country where it is now illegal to be white and Christian at the same time. Below, we have listed some of our heroes, so that you, dear reader, may also take hope in their hard work and sacrifices.


WND.com  The Venerable Joseph Farah joining up with authoritative voices like Larry Klayman and Jerome Corsi. Covers everything from the chaotic epidemic of BLACK CRIME in America, to the takeover from within of our government by the Muslim Brotherhood. Once they have read WND.com, any real American’s sheets will need cleaning in the morning.

Townhall.com home page

Townhall.com  With such illustrious political authors as Bill O’Reilly, Chuck Norris and Ann Coulter on the roll, there is no doubt that Townhall.com is…wait, did you say Chuck Norris?

Theblaze.com home page

TheBlaze.com  Founded by Glenn Beck after he was forced out of Fox News by bloodthirsty Marxists, TheBlaze.com is one of the hardest-hitting sources of journalism at play. Sticking to a just-the-facts framework of tough-as-nails journalistic grit, this site sheds enough light that your PC commie friends will burst into flames like the bastard vampires they are.

Breitbart.com home page

Breitbart.com  If ever there was a beet-red carcass that needed no introduction, it would be the corpse of Andrew Breitbart. With that said, Breitbart.com is a grassroots journalism company fearlessly pitting itself against Big Leftie Journocrats, in an overt war for the minds and hearts of the people. Oh, and they cover sports, too.

So that’s it, folks. Now you know why, after years of reading these sites and many others like them, we could no longer remain silent. We, too, must pick up the truncheon, to take the fight to the doorstep of the mighty Multi-Cultural Marxist-Industrial Complex. We only ask that you join, by our side, as we awaken America before the silent massacre of her heart drowns her liberty in the tyranny of the secular New World Muslim “Gay” Agenda 21!


One thought on “Our Inspiration

  1. Hey folks. I’m making my own, blatantly biased, conservative newscasts. It’s real news, just from a conservative viewpoint. Here is the most recent edition below. Hope you like it. More on the way.

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